The purest form of trash.

Why hello there, it would seem you somehow ended up on my profile.

My name is Jacqueline, but feel free to call me Jackie, Dap, DP, or Dapper. Everyone does.

Think of me as a sixteen-year-old dork who never leaves her room.

I like to waste my life drawing, writing (poorly written) stories, watching too much YouTube, listening to rock music, and reading too much fan fiction.

I also like to consider myself total trash for video games (specifically Undertale, Life is Strange, Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Yandere Simulator, and FNaF), comic books, and cartoons. They are my life source.

I ship...a lot of things, to be honest. Probably way too many. But a few (by a few I mean way more than a few) of my favorites are:
Widowmaker x Tracer
Pharah x Mercy
Raven x Starfire
Bonnie x Marceline
Lapis x Peridot
Ruby x Sapphire
Chloe x Max
Alphys x Undyne
Ballora x Baby
Toy Chica x Mangle
Oka x Ayano
Genji x Zenyatta
Sunset x Twilight
Midna x Link
Sheik x Link
Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn
Galinda x Elphaba
Freddy x Bonnie

I'm also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who happens to be a gray-asexual lesbian.

So, feel free to talk to me and junk. I may be really pale, but I'm not a vampire. I don't bite :3

A few other places to find my garbage:
  • Somewhere in Beach city
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