Writing is something I have done on and off for my 34 years, more than an outflow for the reservoir of my jumbled imagination than anything else. Those close to me have been encouraging me for a while to show my work to those outside my family and friends although for some time I’ve been reticent to do so, scared they’ve been lying to me about their quality, the same way the parents of the bellowing Walrus on X-Factor convinces them they are Mariah Carey.

I’ve decided it’s time I at least try, if my fears are realised I’m sure the unsympathetic eye of the internet will let me know soon enough, if not well I just hope someone out there enjoys a little bit of my insanity.

All the best and thanks for visiting.
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Stories by Daniel Totum
Instinct. by DannyMcManus0
Another WIP - I'll just leave this here for a bit - apologies if I'm teasing you ;)
Diner. by DannyMcManus0
A man sits in a Diner with a solitary cup of coffee, but all is not what it first seems.
Vigil. by DannyMcManus0
The interruption of a lone vigil brings a shocking realisation.