I am an avid writer, dancer, photographer, and teenage girl. I am a scatterbrain and often never finish what I start. I know, it's a bad habit. I love Wattpad, especially the teen fiction. I love seeing people's writing and sharing my own. I have a secret passion for fashion and singing, too. I am really tall too, so my stories are often about tall girls like myself. I think there needs to be more of those in the world. 

Please feel free to shoot my a message and of course read my stories! Give as much feedback as possible!

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    Feb 29, 2012 03:22AM
DancingInTheBreeze DancingInTheBreeze Mar 04, 2012 01:59AM
Thanks! I am still working on the actual book...
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Long Days of Free

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Description: Summer. WIth it's long days and warm weather, summer is a time to escape, to be set free. Summer is a time to get away, to lose distinction between reality and your thoughts. Summer is a time when people weave...


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