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Hey pal. Two years, huh? I guess it's about time everybody moves on. I'm gonna try to help Aubrey realize that she doesn't need you, never did. I think I can make her realize that the fact that you're alive and not talking to us means you don't care. Maybe she can get some closure. Thank you for your friendship. Tell Jake I said hi.
Kale. I uh... miss you. I guess.... there's no going back eh? You we're gone, you came back and gave me hope.... then you were gone again. Just like the wind. I hope you're fine, and alive. I thought I was special, I guess I was wrong. I was nothing but a mere entertainment for you. I know now. I changed. I'm a little more assertive. That's good isn't it? I'm sorry I'm rambling on your wall. I just miss you, even though I know you don't miss me. I hope you and Kailey are fine and dandy. I miss her too. I tried keeping my promise but she just went away. I tried looking for her, but she's gone. So if you decide to come back.. I'm here. I'm still here, keeping my promise. That I won't leave. Never. I told you that everyone isn't the same. I'm part of that 5% of the people who doesn't leave anyone, and you're part of the 95% of the people you hate. I'm just gonna laugh at that irony while waiting for you to come back, which will not happen in this forever. See ya Kale. If that ever happens.
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Two years now Kale. Two fucking years I endured this fucked up world without you. I bet you're laughing at my stupid mistakes now. If you were here you wouldn't have let me commit them. Fuck Kale. I miss you. If only I could bring the dead back. If only I could stop the nightmares that come at night. They were, are, always was about you... Or you killing me. It's fucked up and sick. I miss you.