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I finally gained the courage to come back to this wall where I thought I finally found someone who will never leave me. I guess.. no sorry I know that you hate me rambling on this shitty wall, but I just can't help it. I made a promise to you Kale. It was the last thing I told you. That I will never leave you, no matter what happens. I'm so fking wrong to have ever made that promise. Did you know I made that promise again? To a guy who said he's never going to leave me, but then again, he left. Just like you did. I know it's time to move on, way long ago, but fk that. It's hard moving on from things such as this. I guess I'll never let the thought of you go. I know it's stupid, I'm stupid for holding on even when I know it's time to let go. I just can't. I hope you're doing well. 
      Happy New Year Kale. And here's the last four words that I ever said. I love you forever. Not in that way, but in some shtty way I can't fking explain. 
      Thank you for the memories, even if they were nothing to you but some pretend sht, they felt real to me. I'll treasure all of them even this. Take care Kale ♥
Hey pal. Two years, huh? I guess it's about time everybody moves on. I'm gonna try to help Aubrey realize that she doesn't need you, never did. I think I can make her realize that the fact that you're alive and not talking to us means you don't care. Maybe she can get some closure. Thank you for your friendship. Tell Jake I said hi.