David McCulloch is my pen name, much more euphonic than my real one. The rest of this is true...
Do you know about neuroplasticity, the wonderful changefulness of our minds? We all count on it to some degree; I'm increasingly riding it, surfing the paradox of it, exercising my will to self-discover while bending my path to the outcomes from the choices I make.
I love to dance and then hang out with friends to joke and gossip and philosophize: my night on the town. Otherwise my nose is to the grindstone, my shoulder to the wheel as a doting single dad of two elementary-school-aged girls of exceptional wit and vivacity--like most girls of their age.
I used to shoot pool a lot, which I mention because I still use it as a metaphor for my way (that, and surfing). The best way is the difficult way because therein lies learning; so I look for the challenge of the harder shot and find and push my limits.
Writing is wonderful for such exploration, n'est-ce pas, as is art of all sorts.
My pugnacity is lessening as I experience ageing. I cry when a movie gets stuff right and have to pace the floor sometimes when the action is thrilling. My daughters' exuberance can be a trial, so I remind myself of how short our days are and how beautiful joy is--it is our duty to find it and so to show our gratitude.
Writing is one of my favourite pastimes. So are conversation (some of it, anyway, especially on long walks), singing, cycling and dancing. For over a year, I've been writing one-page philosophical essays about the green movement for one of my Google Groups. I have accepted that I can be a pinhead, even weird.
A "career path" has never presented itself. My so-called core competence is as a tech writer: I could tell you stories! Through my recent, peak earning years my official title was Technology Life Cycle Management Analyst.
I join to engage with writers as a writer, and to stay open. Writing is truly "one of those things that connects us and makes us human"!
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