"Subway and chill?" -Carter, 2k16

I guess I should actually say things about myself?

Hi! Welcome to CyberSkeleton, Carter reporting for duty!
I write gay fan fiction at 2am and people somehow enjoy it.
Did I mention I'm only 12? Yeah, well that's a thing.

He/him pronouns, please.

Also, if anyone ever wants to talk to me, you don't have to be formal about it! You could literally just say something like, "Frank Iero is daddy af amirite??" And we could talk about Frank Iero for hours. (Because Frank is great and I love him lmao.)

Idk why but I wanna list a bunch of bands/artists that I listen to?? Here goes.

My Chemical Romance
Panic! At the Disco
Fall out Boy
Twenty one pilots
Set it off
Troye Sivan
The Brobecks
Gerard Way
FrnkIero and the Celebration
(Feel free to talk to me about almost any of these if you want!)

So, that's me and stuff.


Insta: cartersauce__
Tumblr: cyber-skeleton
Snapchat: lucytheweeb (from when I was Lucy lmao.)
Vine: ☁︎Problematic Boy☁︎
Also, I might make a separate Instagram acc, since the one mentioned here is my personal account and I wanna be able to post all the yaoi I want to.

Also, I'm panromantic, demisexual, and *drum roll please!* A trans boy! (Genders are complicated //sigh)

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