Andy asked me to write her about me, but I can't actually do it. There is just no way to be able to describe such an amazing person in 1986 characters. So, this here will be the closest I can get with what I have.

Andy is love. She came to Wattpad and would have become everyone's favourite author in no time if she wasn't so thoughtful and loving and got distracted with everyone else's problems and life stories instead.

Andy is beauty. This girl is gorgeous: inside and out. That, in my experience, is extremely hard to find and you should appreciate her for being that one in a million - that person we all search for but very few find. Well, I've found her.

Andy is loyalty. Once she becomes your friend, she will stand by you no matter what. She will help you, listen to you, support you, trust you.

Andy is randomness. This doesn't really fit into context much, but I've never met a person with a more bizarre way of thinking on Wattpad before. She can make tattoos and murder fit all into one sentence.

Andy is fun. There is just no other way to say it: if you're feeling down and you need someone to cheer you up, tell you a horrible joke (oh yes, Cam told me about that, haha) or simply have a hilarious conversation with, this is your girl.

And lastly: Andy is someone you should adore. Not love, but adore. If you're reading this and you're unsure about clicking the "follow" button, do yourself a favour and go ahead. You'll get an amazing friend in a matter of seconds. If you're shy, uncertain or simply new here - drop by and say hi to her. It'll be one of the best conversations you'll ever have.

So, this is the Andy I know. My beautiful friend whom I'm so grateful to know. The crazy girl from a tiny island that everyone seems to know (seriously, Andy, how do you manage that?). Do her a favour and start talking to her. She'd love to meet you. And do me a favour and respect and appreciate her. Be honest. She's been hurt one too many times already.@Sapphire28
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CupidA CupidA Mar 25, 2016 12:01AM
I wish wattpad was what it used to be the IMs and the spamming of your watyy friends walls... to all those who mattered to me then and still matter to me now :) <3
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