HIYAA STALKERS :D *waves hands*
Umm.. so basically i've never been good in writing these kind of things but anyways I'm a 15 year old girl who falls easily inlove with fictional characters of the stories I read .. ;P *smiles sheepishly* actually im dating 4 of them.. Yap you heard or read right.. Anyways yes I have 4 fictional boyfriends ;)

you probably dont give a shit about what im saying or writing in here.. Im not even sure you're reading But yeah i just wanted to say I LOVE VAMPIRES.. Not sparkling ones ofc! and i hope that one day i'll marry one THE DREAAAM *___*

big fun of Danisnotondire, Jenna Marbles and Emma blackery you should check their youtube channels THEY ARE AMAZING! :D


some facts about me:

-i can be a grammar nazi sometimes (so dnt tlk to me lyk tht..)
-I procrastinate like a pro
-i'm the laziest person you'll come across in your whole life
-i'm really short and way too skinny but people think it's cute! so what does it matter if I'm only 5'2 and weight only 93pounds
-i'm what you call funny and sarcastic but with strangers and cute boys totally socially awkward :s
-i talk a lot, eat a lot, sleep a lot, swear a lot.. :P

That's all about me.. I think.. Oh and dont hesitate to talk to me i love making new friends :D I will seem quite shy at first but once you get to know me I'm really SOO HYPER AND CRAZY! oh and sorry for my obsession with vampire! *blushes and looks away* :P

If you're a mind reader, stay away from my mind or you'd be traumatized forever.

blog http://story-angel.tumblr.com/

thanks for being patient and reading all my crappy crap.. :D and now BYE dont forget to talk to me especially if you're hot ;) I dont bite ;P well for now i dont.. hehe im not a vamp yet.. *shakes head sadly*
anyways BA-BYE love yaaa all :D xx
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CuRLy_PRiNceSss CuRLy_PRiNceSss Sep 09, 2013 04:37PM
            I'm seriously not ready! summer flew so fast! :(
            now I have to go back to the stress of physic and math exams -__- not to mention PE >__<
            I haven't gone runn...
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