HIYAA STALKERS :D *waves hands*
Umm.. so basically i've never been good in writing these kind of things but anyways I'm a 15 year old girl who falls easily inlove with fictional characters of the stories I read .. ;P *smiles sheepishly* actually im dating 4 of them.. Yap you heard or read right.. Anyways yes I have 4 fictional boyfriends ;)

you probably dont give a shit about what im saying or writing in here.. Im not even sure you're reading But yeah i just wanted to say I LOVE VAMPIRES.. Not sparkling ones ofc! and i hope that one day i'll marry one THE DREAAAM *___*

big fun of Danisnotondire, Jenna Marbles and Emma blackery you should check their youtube channels THEY ARE AMAZING! :D


some facts about me:

-i can be a grammar nazi sometimes (so dnt tlk to me lyk tht..)
-I procrastinate like a pro
-i'm the laziest person you'll come across in your whole life
-i'm really short and way too skinny but people think it's cute! so what does it matter if I'm only 5'2 and weight only 93pounds
-i'm what you call funny and sarcastic but with strangers and cute boys totally socially awkward :s
-i talk a lot, eat a lot, sleep a lot, swear a lot.. :P

That's all about me.. I think.. Oh and dont hesitate to talk to me i love making new friends :D I will seem quite shy at first but once you get to know me I'm really SOO HYPER AND CRAZY! oh and sorry for my obsession with vampire! *blushes and looks away* :P

If you're a mind reader, stay away from my mind or you'd be traumatized forever.

blog http://story-angel.tumblr.com/

thanks for being patient and reading all my crappy crap.. :D and now BYE dont forget to talk to me especially if you're hot ;) I dont bite ;P well for now i dont.. hehe im not a vamp yet.. *shakes head sadly*
anyways BA-BYE love yaaa all :D xx
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Description: Under the moon's watch, with the stars standing guard, he sang away his laments and she listened. Blanketed by the dark veil of the night, he opened his heart for her. She was his saving grace, the angel that could chase away his demons. But what a...

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Surviving the Sinclair BoyLand

Surviving the Sinclair BoyLand

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“You owe me a bowl of cereal.” I clarified for him. He laughed then. A sound I wouldn’t mind hearing aga...

CuRLy_PRiNceSss commented on Forever Tainted - Chapter 41

This chapter was awful!!!!!!
      I mean it was brilliant as usual but for the first time ever since I started reading this, I cried!!!!
      Elle has been strong and in control during her journey never once displaying insanity or anything, but the moment her freedom is given back to her you can see just how much of a toll it all took over her as she didn't even know how to escape.
      You can also see how disturbed Nathan really is; For a moment in time I thought he was misunderstood and just a lost soul... and if only Elle saw past the exterior; but now I know there's no redemption for him, he never knew love when he was growing up and he's looking for it now but in all the wrong places and with the wrong ways. He can't love he doesn't know how, all those girls he just obsesses over them turning into the very thing that stole his innocence from him: his father.
      What his father did to him and his brothers really affected them deep and ruined Nathan and Mason badly and in a way even though Mires was the one that suffered the most, he was the one that was able to escape the craziness of the Richardsons by the fact that he stood up to his father and didn't fall for his torment. 
      This was just so bad and I can't believe that in a moment of time I may or may not have developed Stockholm's and like Nathan a tiny teeny bit. ARRGH FORGIVE ME ELLE!