"I see Frisk as a male. Screw you. Fight me." ~Camilla Cuevas

"It's like: Oh, that looks sexy... I'd rather eat pizza."

"One idiot takes after another." ~Themurdurusflower2

"Go to hell? Sorry, I'm all out of vacation days." ~Burgerpants

"I DO like pi!" ~Pearl not knowing Steven meant "Pie" probably.

"I was so sick of living reality... I'm here... and I'm never going back ag-" ~Jaz/Star_of_Draconis

Past usernames: Star_of_Draconis / CrystallizedOwl

Oh, hi! I'm Jaz! So... this is basically my profile, so lemme get started.

I am a furry! I have my feathersona, Celesitite/Celestine Owl!

I'm a fan of Undertale, Assassination Classroom and these two awesome you-tubers called PENTAGRIN and Spoctor Theory (they do art community rants and funny stuff like trolling and being hilarious in Pony Town).

My cool friends are:

I have Undertale and non Undertale stories if you were wondering. Yea. I plan to do an Assassination Classroom story sometime. I also have a book on how to be annoying.

My covers are mostly mine. My favorite color is light grey, and my favorite food is cinnamon and apple pie. I'm half Australian and half Indonesian.

I am an introvert, but you'll probably never notice because I'm way more outgoing and socializing on the internet. You know, it's just more comfortable not being actually seen.

For pronouns, she or they would be great.

Edit: I don't want to go to high/middle school. Sounds really scary and boring tbh.

Oh yeah my fave characters in Undertale are Undyne, Alphys and Papyrus.

One day I plan to make a plethora of O- no, "AU"s of Undyne. Because she is awesome. Not only that, but I want to see everyone's reactions. We can have an Undyne daycare, and we can ship t- actually no. That shipping was the reason I hated all these "AU"s.
  • On a useless hunk of rock called Earth, more specifically, on that big island with lots of snakes and spiders and small grey bears and orange deserts called "the outback".
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Any furries or Undertale fans want to rp? I’m lonely.
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