A place where I can talk about me... Hmm... What's there to know?

I like to write Science Fiction and Fantasy, even though I don't really have a story up. My six current stories are just ideas, if I get enough feedback, I'll think about making them into stories.

I've been writing since 4th grade when my teacher forced us to do some writing assignments. In 5th grade, that's when I started to take writing seriously. We were to create a "national monument" and tell why it was a national monument. I was the only one who got 100%. Which would make anyone feel good. So, I just decided to start writing. I should probably thank her even though she was a total nightmare... Just thinking about her gives me frights...

Hmm... I don't really know what else to say...

My favorite color is neon yellow, not regular yellow, neonn

My favorite show is Supernatural or Doctor Who

My favorite book.. Probably Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

My favorite band is most definitely Imagine Dragons, I just love their music.

My favorite movie is probably... I actually don't know. I guess it depends on my mood.

My favorite store is definitely Barnes and Noble. I just love browsing the books and finding something new to read.

That's it, I guess. Thanks for reading this until the end!
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Poetry From.. Somewhere?
Okay yeah somewhere is just from me but they're really random, some are depressing as all get out, and others...
Bitter Bird by CrystalCoal
Bitter Bird
Some story I've been working on, it has no cover because I'm currently working on it.
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