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Hi, name's Nuria.

(✓) Single
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() Dating a character that does exist.
*Tsundere (BAKA! >///<)
*An aunt
*Youngest of 5 siblings
*15 yrs old
*December Child
*ships Sonadow, PrinciBaldi, BendyStraw, Snakus & MegaPit
*Wants to let people know that: You have an important purpose in life. Don't let people who think you're "Nothing" get in way of your life. You have nothing to be scared of, people who care about you will ALWAYS be by your side, even if you don't want them to. What matters most is YOU! You've got a whole wide world to live in. Heh, want are you waiting for? Have the best memories and greatest time throughout your life!
~Sincerely, Nuria

My Catchphrases/Quotes:

"I live to die!!"
"If you can't think straight, then you're not."

Follow my fav buds: @CaesarPOTA2011 , @jadealexanderwolf, @Sapphire-Hearts, @XxTeddy_CrazexX, @ClassyNinjas, & @6-O-Hundred657

Mess with 'em, then you have a bad time with me, buddy....

Follower Quota: 500

If you're the person who likes Sonic, MLP (mostly EG), TMNT, Sing, BATIM, music, movies, Pokemon (I FREAKING LOVE IT NOW!!!♥♥), Dinosaur King, Transformers (mainly RB, Prime, n' RID) Undertale, Cuphead, Steven Universe, Pixels, Wreck-it Ralph, Lilo & Stitch/Stitch! (<- the anime one), kaijus, role-playing, OR wolves & dragons, etc, then you've come to the right place.

Created AUs (upcoming ones as well):
•MonstersTale (Monsters, Inc/Undertale AU)
•UnderFormers (TFP/Undertale AU)
•The Hamato of The Sunset (TMNT and MLP:EG AU)
•The Mega Bros (Story AU and Ask book)
•A Mega Future (AU timeline sequel)

Where To Find Me:

DeviantArt: DatKaijuFan24
Wattpad: you're already on it, ya DUMDHEAD XP
Instagram: minicon_madness24
Tumblr: mini-conmadness24
Sketch: DatKaijuFan24
Amino: Mini-Con_Madness#24
YouTube: Mini-Con Madness#24

Enjoy my profile, hope we can be friends.
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