HELLO! I am not new here by the way, my orginal account is Helterskelter, but I wanted to put my original stories here. Thanks!

Message me anytime! I am very friendly. Just ask RollingPinkledwho she's my best friend!

Words to describe me. . .


Don't have a facebook no more but I do have instagram! Follow maybe? @mcribbin (I love mcribs

I am artist and not a shabby writer, but the thing that I'm a retard at is music and istruments, I am in band but mostly cause my friends. Other than that I suck

The instruments I play are Bass Clarinet <3, clarinet, and cymbals. Oh and I'm a total marching band geek by the way! This year I was in pit with the electronics but next year wish me luck to drumline! Or back to the beautiful bass clarinet :D

Oh and I don't do the whole you fan me and I fan back thing. So if that's why you're here you're wasting your time!

(To be continued...)
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CrookedCondor CrookedCondor Jan 08, 2013 02:06AM
@Silver_Hearts You're welcome! :D
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One dies. One survives. This is the story of Tm Murdoc and his brutal murder June 9, 2012.

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