((RP account of Cronus Ampora because reasons))

Cronus Ampora is the Bard of Hope and Eridan's dancestor.
He is shown to be unlucky in love, however he tries to hit on Meenah and Mituna without success. He seems to like Kankri, as he is the only troll who will listen to him. He likes to make music, though no music of his has been made listenable yet. Unlike all other trolls so far, his shirt is neither black nor in his blood color but white. His weapon of choice appears to be Ahab's Crosshairs, like Eridan and Dualscar, as it was found in a chest near him.

Attention seeking, self absorbed, ableist. All words that can be used to describe Cronus. He has very possibly feigned issues with species identity and used suicidal threats in attempts to garner the attention of his peers, to no avail. As shown in his interactions with Mituna and Meenah he is also a hopeless flirt, often encroaching on personal space boundaries. He can also be incredibly rude on the occasion, to the extent that even Meenah thinks he is a douchebag.
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