A circle is straighter than my sexuality (jk, I'm pan)

Their(s)/Them/They, I am non-binary.

I'm only into Mob Psycho 100 ships now its probably not good for me-

My son is: @ssweetie-starss
*(carefully) SLAMS @ImHereForThatTea ON THE TABLE*

Quotes will now be in a 'story' I'm writing

"I'm gonna punt a cunt into the sun't"

"What if I accidentally i n h a l e d a bee?"

"There is only one gender and that gender is gluestick"

"I think I made her worse... I think she's having a stro- oH MY GOD, I MADE HER WORSE-"

"No, she's just being an emo-tistical fuck...yes, I meant emo"

"Who's sick? You probably deserved it"

"I'm gonna shishter shoot myself"

"Go KaShoot yourself"

"Jaaaames Madison said something prescient about this but he was kind of a bEaUtiFuL wOmAn-"

"Can't spell 70% of Assassination Class without Ass"

*blowing nose* "Hey, would you look at that, I'm b l e e d i n g-"

"I hope I dont get ran over by a cricket"

"oOf, fOo-"

"I'm eating a Fun Dip for breakfast and no one can stop me except my mom, my doctor, and my clogged arteries"


"I'm going to deep throat the Fun Dip stick and see what it feels like"

"I think this sausage expired but I'ma eat anyway"

"We found a mckluckin dead spider in our mcfuckin christmas tree"

"Small and cheap. Just like my men-"

"Is there a color blind people for gay?- wAIT I MEANT GRAY-"

"You almost punched my pinkie off"

*drinks cafeteria milk* "Oof, this tastes expired" *continues to drink*


*adds sugar to medicine* "A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down-"

"Where's my phone? I have bad memory... What was I looking for again?... Oh, Fundip!"
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