Coucouu  j'écris une nouvelle fiction sur Cameron Dallas, elle s'appelle Magnetic, ça me ferait plaisir que t'y jette un coup d'œil. Bisous bisous❤️❤️ !


Hey merci pour la suite si vous obtenez une chance consultez mon livre Fractured ! Passe un bon week-end ❤️


thank you for following...idk it in French lol xD please check out my stories if you don't mind :3


Hi thanks for the follow! ❤
          Bonjour! Merci pour le follow! 
          is that how you say it right? I used to speak French but I sort of forgot since I had to learn a completely new language. I've known it since I was 3 so I can still understand just sometimes can't speak. anyways thanks again love! I appreciate it so much!