Name: Courtney (i don't like ittttt)

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, Palaye Royale, Sleeping With Sirens, Green Day, All Time Low

Instagram: patrick_in_a_cork_tree

Killjoy Name: Cyanide Aftermath

Idol: Gerard Way

Favorite color: Black (surprising, am i right?)

Fun fact: I accidentally read the milk fic in 4th grade. (:

Ships: Ryden, Joncer, Petekey, Frerard, Jalex, Kellic, Joshler, Trohley

Book/Comic Series: The Umbrella Academy

YouTubers: Daniel Howell, Amazing Phil, CrankThatFrank, Eugenia Cooney, Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams, frank's blinds, Ryden Trash Productions, Jaclyn Glenn, my toe cold (Drew Monson), Garrett Watts
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Emo Fan Fiction Compilation (P!ATD, TØP, Dan & Phil, FOB, etc.) by CriXtaliX
Emo Fan Fiction Compilation (P!ATD...
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