Hey guys! Tapas is having a contest from March 19 to April 19! Basically, enter the competition and write a story. (Two winners will be chosen and offered $1,000 and a Tapas Premium publishing deal)
          	More info here:
          	(I just thought it was cool and wanted to share it with you guys in case some of you are interested!) 


@Vapid_Ink I think you might be interested on this.


@CrestFallenStars That sounds amazing!


Can i ask author if tapas is easy to download and is it easy to find daemonium there? It's just i got addicted your stories and i really need this story about lanfen and remus! Omg! And other one shots! Hope you reply!


Hi, I love your stories and the characters you write. But I’ve had this question for the longest time. How are Remus’s horns shaped exactly? Ive looked up many photos of sheep horns and there are so many lol. I like drawing your characters from time to time but I’m always stumped by his horns. 


Dear author, where can I find your story “Daemonium”? I have tried looking on here but I can’t find it. Did you delete it? :( or I may have gone blind lol... please point me in the right direction hahaha 
          — thank you for your wonderful work! Please write more amazing stories! 


Try the app Tapas 


Hey. I really love this novel Drakon. It is beautiful. The characters, the story line is absolutely beautiful and I seriously looove it.  More inspirations to you . 


I started reading Drakkon and I couldn't put it down. It is true that I find the best books during my exam time. 
          Anyway, I am downloading Tapas because I just have to read Remus's story, before I go crazy. And I also want to read the epilogue and the extra chapters. 
          I really enjoyed reading your book. It was a lovely read. 


Will you ever write a story about Bohai and his wife Zhen? I really adore the character, I think that he too deserves his happy ending and only you can pull that off. I also believe that Zhen has a lot of potential as a strong female character, she's fierce and fiesty.


Hey there ms. author. It's been a long while since I've stepped foot into the wattpad world and yet Drakkon is still on my library even after 2 years I guess.
          Of all the fantasy novels I've read on wattpad. Drakkon is of the highest caliber. I also really love your other works. It's really a pity that I can't read them in here anymore.
           I don't know about the bad experiences you've had in here but I heard about your loss. It may be late but I confer my deepest condolences and may your loved one rest in peace.
          Anyways, I respect your decision and wish you well. May God guide you as you continue the art of the pen.
          I've seen someone recommend Webnovel to you, hope you check it out. And I hope I can see you there in the near future. :) 


@TeaZei Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you liked Drakkon :)


Hi.... its been a long time but I remember you had lost one of your family and was mourning their loss but few readers had hurt your feelings and pretty much made you bleed your heart. I understand what they said hurt you bad but sometimes people always don’t know to convey their true feelings like they were crazy about your work and couldn’t wait for updates. Desperation let them to talk stupid and you were having a hard time dealing with them. So I am sorry I couldn’t reach you then but am now. Loved your works followed you around writing world through other apps. I wish you would find it in you to forgive them and come back to Wattpad ... A girl could dream right so We’ll be waiting. 
          All the best for you and your family 


@KalyaniRamesh Thank you for your kind words <3


Pity I can't read any of your books on tapas properly I understand that u had a bad experience here but have u ever thought of putting your books on inkett cause poor people like me would love to read your books

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