Canada is the best.

Yes let's play that brief fun facts about me game.
• I'm French
• I'm a lady - for the most part.
• I live in England but TV taught me English so I don't even know in which cases I should use the word pants. I try to avoid it.
• Dicks is a fun swear word to I.
• I often say I rather than me or my.
• I'm a Canada Fanatic, don't ask why there's honestly no reason.
-Okay there's reasons but fuck you.
-No don't if you're reading I like you, you good person.
• I detest the colour orange - sorry wattpad.
• It isn't unusual for me to swear beware.

Anywhoo please follow I, I would like to follow you back - that is all taaaah-raaah daaahlings.
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    Trying to get into Canada
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    Apr 25, 2012 04:40PM

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Cream Eggs

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Description: Let's give this blurb thing a shot. ~ Felix rummaged around in a field filled with millions of clovers intertwined to the ground. Nails filled to the rim with dirt and mud on his trainers, he carried on his s...


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