Hmmm... I'd say I love reading books a LOT and I've recently given writing a stab in the dark too :P 'More Than A Meet and Greet' was an idea that had been playing on my mind for a while and is now up on Wattpad to read... or not read! 

The amount of time I spend reading is mental, it's my escape from this crazy world and when I finish a great book I feel as though I've been shot... I have deep connections with the characters I love okay?!

There are some really great authors around Wattpad city and a few of the ones I love are below. I urge you to check them out if you haven't already ;D
- Phoebegardens
- Rivster
- Makeandoffer
- Natashapreston
- Wildgreenskittle
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More Than A Meet & Greet

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Description: On opposite ends of an East Coast train, two people sit comfortably awaiting their journey in peace. It’s quiet and calm. Ezra has his headphones vibrating with every note, while Reeve rests; her eyes closed and jumper wrapped round tight. Let...

Crazyworthit commented on Currents - epilogue

I loved the epilogue Tessa, it was a lovely round off to an amazing story. The ease with which Rosa has settled back into the beach life was nice to read and her reconnection with friends. I really liked the tone of this chapter too and how everything has simultaneously stayed the same but also changed so much! I definitely can appreciate a man in a good suit just as Rosa does and I'm sure Brent looks as good as he did in his lifeguarding attire... Mia is just the coolest friend and Austin is too funny with his unfiltered conversation and banter. The ending was a really great choice with the bringing up of Brent having a possible promotion and everything. It was done tastefully and much better than an immediate getting back together moment would have been. Moving to London would obviously be awesome for them but I like that you've left that to readers to ponder :) Thanks for the brill writing all the way through and the lovable characters you've created. Currents was definitely original for me and every time I pass Kensington on the train I can't help but think about this little fictional world you've written up! Your stories are always a pleasure to read and some of the most engrossing <3
Crazyworthit commented on Currents - thirty-eight ~ currents

Reading about Rosa prepping for uni has been a nice (yet slight) distraction from the fact that it's results day tomorrow. If all goes to plan then maybe I can get on with packing and saying my goodbyes like her :') Anyway... I can't believe the story is nearing the end! I only read Currents recently but my attachment to it is no less :D I feel like it's fitting though, Rosa has matured so much and evolved over the summer months that it seems like a natural closing for her and the others at this stage. I could definitely see there being more though, I would not say no to more Rosa and Brent :P I loved the first part of the chapter with the 'meet the parent' situation. It's great that her mum could be understanding of their 'friendship' and offer to do him a favour. I feel like she's come a long way too by being away from Kensington and now has a better relationship with her daughter. I don't really have much sympathy for Daisy... Her friendship with Rosa seemed to have been artificial for so long that I just  don't care that it can't be salvaged. With Alastair I'm a little more forgiving because of his honesty, the fact that there was some goodness between them and the civil goodbye. I just wanted to say that I'm still very much in love with your creations Tessa and that everything you write is just so captivating. I look forward to how you tie things up in the epilogue and thanks so much for the update :D x