Heyy fellow readers. I am starting to one story at a time so please bare with me, I will try my absolute hardest to update as soon as I can, unless I have a request in my story from you lovely people.

I am in high school right now, (last year) slowly moving up day by day. Ummm... There is a lot of drama at school so I will try and use some of it in my story but I will twist it up a bit. I try not use names of people I know and/or dislike. So if I have some next tip name its cause I am trying to find a name,
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Any ways, I love all my fans and readers. I wish and hope for you all to love my stories.


Devine D.J. Easton

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Secrets With In The Shadows {COMPLETE}

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Description: Alexandréa, is no normal werewolf. Her wolf is supposedly dead, and she has a boyfriend that is suppose to be her mate. Her grandmother is well something and her mother is human. She is human too but what happens when her mate comes and finally find...


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A stolen Kiss from A dream Boy

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CrazyInLoveWifHim commented on The Wolf Baby - ...

I love your book deeply and I understand completely as to why you would stop. All these people that harassing you are just those people that are never satisfied with things that happen no matter how they happened. for the lgbt thing, many people are homophobic so obviously it is part of people's personality so obviously you was enhancing Gabriels personality. And for abortion, that is a matter of opinion and you are making this book seem more realistic because some people do consider abortion and have to do it even if they don't want to. So her having options and considering her options make her seem more realistic. There are things that no one shows that is realistic and makes people bored of the story cause it has no detail or base. So yeah those people just need to shut up and if they have a serious issue then STOP READING THE DAMN BOOK!!!!!