Heyy fellow readers. I am starting to one story at a time so please bare with me, I will try my absolute hardest to update as soon as I can, unless I have a request in my story from you lovely people.

I am in high school right now, (last year) slowly moving up day by day. Ummm... There is a lot of drama at school so I will try and use some of it in my story but I will twist it up a bit. I try not use names of people I know and/or dislike. So if I have some next tip name its cause I am trying to find a name,
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Feeling Special from @kals1997 and @camillarosexo

Any ways, I love all my fans and readers. I wish and hope for you all to love my stories.


Devine D.J. Easton

Here are my goals for Wattpad!

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@Intweener Your welcome. It is very interesting
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