*Art of Steve and Bucky for background image done by Mechi (Mechinaries) on Tumblr 

*I'M OPEN TO EDITING STORIES. I'm most proficient in correcting grammatical/tense issues. Contact me either through private message or post a message on my board.*

"The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live." -Norman Cousins

"Forgiveness is such a profound conscious and unconscious state of affairs. You can't actually choose to do it. It simply happens to you." -Bella Crawford, "Hannibal"

"The dead at least have the luxury of being done with what they lost. You and I, we still itch." -Frederick Chilton, "Hannibal"

*I also have an account Archiveofourown.org under the name of CrazyCranberry* (Just in case you see any of my writings from here on that account, THEY'RE MINE.)

"Cool, cool, cool, cool," -Jake Perlata, Brooklyn 99 (An A+ show, 1000/10 would recommend)

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Two Mobsters and a Vigilante Walk into a Convenience Store... PART 2! by CrazyCranberry
Two Mobsters and a Vigilante Walk into a Convenience Store... PART 2! Fanfiction
Daredevil TV, AU. Vladimir, Anatoly, and Matt are now semi-permanent fixtures in the store, and Ella has finally showed Matt how to wipe up his own blood. All three still actively try to avoid one another, but they...
Away We Go. (Avengers Fan Fiction) by CrazyCranberry
Away We Go. (Avengers Fan Fiction) Fanfiction
*UNDERGOING EDITING* A year after the incident with Loki, the Avengers are assembled once again. But, this time, there is no crisis- at the moment. There's a new recruit at S.H.I.E.L.D, or a 'prisoner' as she calls...
Since 1945. (Marvel 'Winter Soldier' Fanfiction) by CrazyCranberry
Since 1945. (Marvel 'Winter Soldier' Fanfiction) Fanfiction
What if the fictional world suddenly wasn't so...fictional? That’s exactly the case for Anna, a fellow fangirl, who suddenly finds herself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe– or more specifically, in Avenger’s Tower...
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