My pictures will always be me besides occasional cute things.

I read all of my comments even if I dont always reply, I enjoy them so leave them once in a while yeah?

Funny tumblr links are amazing and I'll love you forever if you send me one

My name is Nathaneil

I can be a really blunt person
I enjoy cute things
Don't start unnecessary drama on my page
Despite my cool appearance I read, draw, and spend my life on tumblr
Don't ask for my Tumblr
MGMT Madsen WashedOut Marina and the Diamonds and Lydia are my current music obsessions
I am beyond socially awkward
German and Proud
*Art Hippie*

I have been through depression so I say fuck you to it because we all can get over depression if you actually want to. Stop following and hanging around depressed people. Stop rebloging (because I know you do) depressing tumblr images. Talk to someone. I'm not always here but if you need to just vent out to me, go ahead. I'll always try and reply. Get help if you really want it.

@XxBornGagaxX Josey I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
@truvamp Kimi you are my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you.

♥ Enjoy your life because it's all you've got and it can be taken away within a Snap*
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