Hi stalker!

You have reached the profilemail (get it?) of Craxied and unfortunately, I am living my very amazing life right now for you not to have reached me. You can leave your message after the beep while I tell you about myself.

I call myself Craxied here on Wattpad (because all of you have taken the good names) and I love to read and write books (obviously). And.......

You know what, I'm going to be honest right now. This is my first time doing this because I hate doing this kind of things. In the other profiles I have on this site and other reading sites (don't judge), I have never done this. And I know what you must be thinking; 'You have other profiles?'. Yes, I do. Honestly I have three on this site already and this particular profile was a mistake. And since it is a mistake, I decided that I could mess up with this profile.

I like creating personas just so I can't show people the real me (I admit that only because you don't know my other profiles and I won't tell you). I don't know why, but I was born like that.

So this profile is now my newest persona; Craxied. And as Craxied, I am everything my other personas aren't, in Wattpad and other reading and writing sites. Everything in this profile that I write is the exact opposite of me (except the reading and writing books part).

This is my Daredevil of writing all genres persona. No idea is too bad and no book is too rubbish or short to write. With this profile, I can write any book I want without caring of people will hate it or not. This is my trial book persona.

Also this person loves to write collaborations with other people if interested, just message me and this person isn't shy at all, ypu can talk to me about anything and I hope I can also talk to you about anything. You can ask me questions and I will answer you the same way this persona is meant to answer.

Now I would love to tell you more but I am afraid I can't. So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my books!

Almost forgot.

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