Olan L. Smith was born in Huntsville, Missouri in 1953. He graduated from Westran High School in 1971 and went on to receive two degrees in higher education.  He graduated in 1978 from Northwest Christian College in Eugene Oregon with a B.S. degree and a Masters degree from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.  Olan first published poetry in 1985 in two literary publications;  "Earthwise," University of Miami, Florida, and "Alura Poetry," Vol. X, No 2 Fall, 1985; Minnesota.  Other published poems from Olan L. Smith (Cotton Jones) can be found in "Poetry Train America," by John E. Wordslinger (edited by Charles H. Gragg), 2013; "The Universe Inside," edited by Eva Xanithopoulos, 2012.

Olan has one featured Wattpad eBook, "Journey Home" that he refers to as the little engine that could, because it keeps chugging along and gathering steam as it travels the merry passages of the literary world.

Here is my #wattys2015 entry: https://www.wattpad.com/story/30816974-the-wizard

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The Wizard

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Description: The Wizard is dialogue series that asks questions and ponders evidence about existence. We will take a look behind the curtain to see what the Wizard is up to, and what tricks he (she) has up his (her) sleeve, be warned that in so doing it might sp...

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Journey Home

Journey Home

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Journey Home c.2013, Olan L. Smith Journey Home is a collection of poems that is a personal search for...

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Oblong Box

Oblong Box

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Oblong Box is an parody poem of Poe's short story, "The Oblong Box" with a rhyme scheme of a,a,b,b,a,c,c...

Poems from the Quill By: Olan L. Smith

Poems from the Quill By: Olan L. Smith

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Table of contents: 1. Acrostic: Conquer Life 2. Free Verse: ‘Tis Nothing 3. Haiku: Prey 4. Limerick:...

'Tis Nothing

'Tis Nothing

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This is a ghost story poem to enjoy.


@JCGlidersleeves.  This poem is a crescendo, as in music it builds from a soft voice to a shout at the end of the 2nd stanza, and then the last stanza it maintains that intensity to to the conclusion.  It is important, for me, that the voice builds with the discovery of the poet's power. 
      In one of your poems you said you want to pull back the veil and see what is behind, so I think you would like my collection of poems titled "The Wizard" (located at top of my profile) that does just that; peek, envision and imagine. Lpf, Olan
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Thank you, gail.  I see you are digging through my older stuff to read, and that is great....it needs a good reading every now and then.  Lpf, Olan.