"Huh? Oh hey, sup!"

Name: Cosmic

Nickname/s: Sylvie, Cosmi, Cosmic-(any honorifics).

Age and Level: ???

Gender: Cisgender Female

Romantic Preference and Sexuality: Cephalopodromantic Cephalopodsexual (romantic-ly and sexually attracted to Inklings and Octolings)

Personality: A Sassive Aggressive type of Sylveon that eats a lot, but doesn't seem to gain a lot of weight. Known to laze around and play video games like an otaku. Seems to have a short temper at times. Secretly a tsundere.

Looks: (Pfp / profile picture)

Move-set: Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Psyshock, Attract, Sleep Talk, Moonlight and Disarming Voice. (As a Sylveon Gijinka, she is able to learn some moves that a normal Sylveon cannot and learn more moves than a normal Pokemon)

Nature: Thoroughly cunning

Characteristic: Mischievous

Ability: Cute Charm

Item: Leftovers

Likes: Defender of Justice 707, Male Agent 8, Splatoon (both games and mangas), South Park (both games and show), Mystic Messenger, some anime, video games, her bed, her couch, her gadgets, Nintendo, her Genderbent self, her adopted sister Emi (who's a human who gained magic), the misery of other people she's not close with, strong wifi.

Dislikes: Being called a tsundere, getting dissed on, the success of people she hates, being forced to go outside with no wifi.

Others: She's willing to face her biggest fear if that's what it takes to make 707 realize that he is loved and validated. An elite member of The Fourth Wall Clean Up Crew (FWCUPC).


Cosmic's Secret To-Do List~

-Male Agent 8- nah just kidding
-Practice writing fanfics
-Manage my Discord
-Never gonna give you up
-Never gonna let you down
-Never gonna run around
-And hurt you
-Continue this on my message board if you actually have read this.


Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-7573-2199-4502
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7tGSW2P
Gachaverse Friend Code: 6UPM63F
  • Look in your kitchen, you might find me raiding your fridge~
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