To the fans of Julia's Baby / Julia's Pack (and I suppose as well as Little Red and the Big Bad Alpha) ... keep an eye out!


Hi I was wondering when would you be updating Julia's pack book 2, I love this book as well as the first one and cant wait to read more.


So I read your book, Little red and the big bad alpha. I really liked it, but you ruined "Come on Eileen" for me. Lol! I work in a drugstore, and every time I hear that song over the P.A. system, I think back to the book and get so sad. Lol! Okay, that's all. Bye! 


          you write so beautifully,  I could not stop crying after the last chapters it was so touching 


I love your Julia Series and I hope you finish the second book of Julia's pack soon, you are a great writer. Thanks for your work 


Will you be updating on changes?.. I really do love that series, your fan fiction is what got me started on bitten!