Going to be active on this account mostly: @-RayToro- 
If you want to see my Instagram:
I play the bass and guitar but like barely post anything cause I expect perfection of myself-
- - -
My writing is based completely of fandoms so my main obsession may change over time, therefore the focus of my writing changes even though I still have the same love for all of them
- - -
I love to write, It helps me to cope with my thoughts and emotions, and I find that things such as dreams or even my daydreams can inspire my writing.
- - -
I'm not currently open to requests but I'm not consistent with my writing anyways so it may take a HELLA long time for me to update.
- - -
Paul's broken a glass
broken a glass
Paul's broken a glass
a glass a glass
He's broke today
- - -
"gEt oFf mY TrOuSeRs, fUcKiNg gEt OuT." -Bri

"One dump, one turd, two tits, John Deacon" -Fred

"My name is John Richard Deacon, I was born on August the 19th, 1951" -Deaky

"DoNt fAcKiNg sLow iT dOwN iTs aLrEaDy cRaWLiNg" -Rog

"You're expecting us all to be PERfect-" -Fred
"Oh don't be so fucking ridiculous." -Bri
- - -
"Stop it you disgusting middle aged square" -John Lennon
- - -
My main loves are:
Dan Avidan
Brian May
George Harrison
Martin Gore
Tom Hiddleston
- - -
Musicians/Shows/Movies/Games/YT.. etc.:
The Beatles
Ninja Sex Party
The Travelling Wilburys
Depeche Mode
Elvis Presley
Star Trek
Stranger Things
Shadow Hunters(TV Show)
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Anne with an E
Marvel Movies
Detroit: Become Human
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