Trust no one...the devil was once an angel.

Never give up, There are some flames not even darkness, can extinguish.

Keep your allies close, and your enemies...closer. -Abe Lincoln
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Stories by Raid a candy shop
Guardian of the hunt (Sequel to betrayed by Olympus) by Conner_Travis_Stoll1
Guardian of the hunt (Sequel to betrayed by Olympus) Fanfiction
It is a changed world for Percy. Everything in his past is basically gone, destroyed, faded. Many demigods died in the first battles. But now, End is awaking, The gods are few in numbers, and Percy's crew is shocke...
Betrayed by Olympus  by Conner_Travis_Stoll1
Betrayed by Olympus Fanfiction
Betrayed. That is only one of the many thousands of feelings Perseus Jackson is feeling. His friends betrayed him and his evil brother Andrew, stole Annabeth. Percy is offered commander n chief in Chaos' army and h...
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