I don't really understand computers but my family is on here so I was forced by my grand daughter to do this. She put me at gun point (This is the grand daughter typing I don't know what he is referring to! I NEVER put my own grandfather at gun point! Unless I was sleep walking...) 
Computers are not really my thing they are very confusing and I don't see the real point in using them if you don't need to. I do realize that computers do help us complete useful tasks but then again they have many aspects that are not necessary and time wasting. That is why there are so many obese children today because all they do is sit in front a computer screen and eat garbage. Thankfully my metabolism has never slowed down and I am an aging man who is the size of your finger (Read between the lines.). Then again I might have a tape worm.
I am an artist and I love to draw picture for my grand daughter's covers that will soon be posted here so please check out her writing @nagasakigirl Check out our stuff.
Now to end this about me I want to ask you computer lovers one question: How did man survive for thousands of years without computers? How were they able to accomplish anything? Now-a-days no one can go a minute without yearning to go online. For example how are people able to create the seven man made wonders of the world like the pyramids, the great wall of china or, also, sky scrappers, airplanes, fly to the moon, but oh wait... then there was the titanic, oops... But you get the idea...
I was able to do: art work, graphic design, pole vaulting, got a telegram (Not a computer) from Bill Cosby to my collage track team for winning the conference championship, gone fishing, canoeing, camping, raised my daughter into a strong adult who has raised my grandchildren very well, married the love of my life @zinnialover, became an environmentalist (that is a big part of my life), built my own house out of hay and concrete, and I did all of that WITHOUT a computer!
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