Hai I'm Sophia, I am an emo residue and I have a disorder called fangirling...(*evil grin*). So I literally can't live without these :
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Kill Your Darlings *starts sobbing quietly *, TØP, BTS,(yes I love both equally and fan wars are stupid) Ezra Miller, Dane Deehan, Eddie Redmayne (all of them are my husbands but I have more than u can imagine...help). Shipping everyone and everythings is my superpower and there's few (JUST FEW) of dem ships that I can't live without: Drarry, Phan, Joshler, Septiplier (R.I.P.), Wolfstar,Newtmas, and a LoT more.
lol Youtube and ironic memes are basically my religion soo yee...

Sooo yee that's something about me....byah then, HAVE A VERY VERY NICE AND LUCKY DAY! Or evening, or night!

Sorry for my crazy writing I'm probably writing or rewriting this at 3am in the morning😬(I'm not actually as hyperactive as u think I'm probs just more energetic at night??)
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