Hi u can call me Ice, I'm a huge movie fanatic, a former emo, kpop trash. By saving your time talking to me and helping my anxiety here's a shortened list of my interests¿??: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Hannibal, Marvel, Kill Your Darlings, As You Are, Moonlight(basically every good lgbt+ movie there is), TØP, BTS, NCT (many more), Ezra Miller, Tilda Swinton, MY WIFE CALEB LANDRY JONES (I just admire actors).
Shipping everyone and everything is my superpower and there's few of the ships that I couldn't breathe without: Drarry, Phan, Joshler, Wolfstar, Newtmas, Hanningram and a LoT more.
Youtube, dark sarcasm and memes are my religion...fite me...actuallydontimfragile

Sorry for my crazy writing, all the time I edit this it just happens to be 3am in the morning (literally, now it's 2:30 am) ok BYE
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