Hai I'm Sophia, I am an emo residue and I have a disorder called fangirling... So I literally can't live without these :
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Kill Your Darlings *starts sobbing quietly * As You Are *sobs even harder*, Hannibal, TØP, BTS and kpop in general, Ezra Miller, Dane Deehan. Shipping everyone and everythings is my superpower and there's few of the ships that I couldn't breathe without: Drarry, Phan, Joshler, Septiplier (rip), Wolfstar, Newtmas, Hanningram and a LoT more.
Youtube and ironic memes are basically my religion...fite me...actuallydontcuzimfragile

So yee that's something about me....Hope u didn't get annoyed kk have a good one lol rawr XD (I need to fucking stop I'm sorry)

Sorry for my crazy writing, all the time I edit this it just happens to be 3am in the morning (literally, now it's 2:16 am) ok BYE STOP SOPHIE
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