I'm complicatedbeautiful.tumblr.com!

I'm a nerdfighter (DFTBA!), starkid, potterhead and *insert a hundred other supermegafoxyawesomehot fandoms here*.

Apparently I have this infatuation with shipping gay couples but I can't help that they're so perfect and demand to be shipped. I do ship straight couples but not as much as gay ones :3.

Apart from Larry and Niam I ship Rumbelle, Gremma. Swan Queen, Lilo, Lirry, Keiro and Finn from Incarceron (I don't think they have a ship name because they're not that popular), a little bit of Drarry, Klaine, Delena, Nian, CrissColfer, Dramione in AVPM but not actually in Harry Potter, and probably a few more that I can't actually remember.

I spend my days reading fanfiction, watching tv shows, tumblring, listening to music, eating away my feels, and crying a lot.

I live in England.

I love books<3.

I cry myself to sleep every night because of Ian Somerhalder, Darren Criss, Adam Burridge and Louis Tomlinson.

I tend to ramble a lot and I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. It gets lonely on the internet sometimes.

Aside from One Direction I love Paradise Fears, Digital Daggers, Imagine Dragons, Runner Runner, Junior Doctor, Dang We're On Fire, Phone Calls From Home, Camera Can't Lie and Fiction In Motion.

I love danisnotonfire, amazingphil, charlieissocoollike, kickthepj, vlogbrothers, albinwonderland, jacksgap and about a thousand other youtubers.

I play Animal Crossing a lot.

I love Once Upon A Time, Vampire Diaries, Glee, The Hour, Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock.
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ComplicatedBeautiful ComplicatedBeautiful Feb 17, 2013 08:43PM
Just posted the prologue of I Just Can't Leave My Heart With You! I hope you all like it :D. The chapters are going to be a lot shorter on this because I really don't have much time nowadays (I'm loo...
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Replay Your Love For Me (lilo one shot)

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Description: Liam does everything Louis tells him to do and he's not quite sure why.

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