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-@StillBreathing549 - Hey so, um I go by Nic on Wattpad, but my name is really Rebecca... I use Nic because my middle name is Nichole! ♥ Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our books!
-@Cresil21 - So I guess I have to put something here. Hi, I'm Blue and that's my real name! :)
-@Cassia_Black (written by Nic: CeeCee is our FABULOUS editor!!!)
-@booksrules - I`m in love with Doctor who :)
-@deadly_dragon_3 - Yo! Ummm, well I am awesome, that's all there is to it. ♫Is no longer on wattpad but is still helping with our book (not yet posted e.e)♪
-@BreezyBlair- Hi there! I just love writing! and i was apart of this group long ago but our book never got started but it seems like we're making head way with others! ^_^
-@carrotlover24 Bonjour... cos I speak French yo. I'm Julia, but I go by Boo or Ron Weasley. I-I-I'm just gonna go back to my corner and eat some more carrots and watch Doctor Who.

You are welcome to fan us but we will NOT fan you. We ONLY fan people who are or used to be in the list above! <3 We love you anyway though! <3
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Description: Kat Taylar has never been normal, all her life she’s been a loner. Hiding in the shadows, away from the world. She doesn’t have any friends, she can’t. There is always the possibility of them finding out the truth about her. That she is able to move...

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