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G lden Lo cks

"Her skin is as pale as the winters snow, yet her hair is as golden as the summers sun, her lips are pastel pink, she is as unreadable as life itself"

~{ London bridge is falling down falling down
Falling down,
My fair, lady~}

"Just because London bridge has fallen, dosnt mean you can't build it up again"

"I don't run and I don't cowar, I'm just afraid, were not all stone cold and gone, the world is a scary place, it's ok to fear it every once in awhile"

°{ I'm scared I may loos the one I
Love most..}°

Her name
Clementine Ealane Isabella Trancy

Her age

Her occupation
The Alexander Estate Manor

Her love

"I discovered I was adopted at birth when my father told me my brother had come to meet me."

"Sword fighting is like algebra, it's not about the strength or talent, it's about the skills, the technique"

"My mother is a very devious women, her flaws hide beneath her beauty, her pretty lace gloves hides the silver blade beneath"

"I love my mother, but does she love me?"

"My brother is a brat, selfish and undeserving, but he is also sweet and kind, and even though it's hard to tell, he is innocent of the world, like a fresh due drop resting on a perfect rose, a rose that I'll protect above all"

My dear little brother ❤: @ThatAloisTrancy

My lovely friend: @1227_L

°{ Role play?
Yes yes!
Role play as?
Aloise Trancy~
Sebastian Michaelis~
Sieglinde sullivan~
Edward midford~
Elizabeth midford~
(And anyone else ^^ if you would like to please pm me!)
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