I have five finished stories and three stories in progress. I have ideas for other stories, just not sure if I want to start posting them yet :)

If you like one, or several, of my stories, I would really appreciate if you spread the word and tell your friends about it!! It would mean a lot if I can get more readers

I'm on here quite a bit, whenever I'm not debating with Sherlock, or traveling with the Doctor. If you can't find me, Loki might have insisted on another horse ride. So I should be back soon. And if you still can't find me, that can only mean one thing. Khan diverted me. My apologies (not really)

I LOVE Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, AVENGERS, Harry Potter, DOCTOR WHO, Lord of the Rings, Inheritance, Warriors, Looking Glass Wars, Fanfictions... I could go on...

I am ALWAYS Team Cato

YouTube: CatoDiedICried
Tumblr: Awritersfantasies
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ClatoForevaFanatic17 ClatoForevaFanatic17 Aug 25, 2013 06:58AM
@IWannaBeWithJhutch Yes I am! Clato is my THG OTP. Just sayin.
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The Invisible Silver Lining

Social data: 14.1K reads. 377 votes. 126 comments.

Description: **First book in the Silver Lining Series** She has lost everything. Her world is crashing down with her losses. She's vowed not to trust anyone. But will a persistant figure be able to break down the walls tha...

41 Parts - Completed

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The Things We Did Last Summer

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Hostage of Love (Teacher/Student)

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Hot new teacher. That's what Adrianna Hayes is faced with just before summer. Stephen Moore is completel...

Breaking Point

Breaking Point

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**Second book in the Silver Lining Series.** Sequel to The Invisible Silver Lining. Summary (Warning: Co...

If They Had Lived

If They Had Lived

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Clove and Cato did the impossible. They won the 74th Hunger Games. They are living and are together. Bu...


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Story Reading List

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