My name is Christy!!!

If you ever wanna talk I'm always here!

I'm in a gang called The Purple Stars with these lovely people: @the_indigo_sky
And @undercoverbatman_49

We have an account together!!! @the_purple_stars

Random facts about me:

·I like Hedgehogs!

·I looove mash potatoes

·I hate bacon

·I've loved R5 since 2011 and they continue to impress me!!

·I use to fantasize about marrying Riker Lynch from R5 until I realised that its very much illegal. Lol

·I always have my nails painted.

·I love reading Romance, Mystery, Drama. Things like that.

·I actually love the Twilight Movies and has always secretly wanted to be a vampire.

· I am a Christian but I won't try to push my religion onto you. But if you have questions, ask!

·I'm in highschool and I'm slowly figuring out it's nothing like high school musical.

Well,Thats enough of me boring you to death about myself. Thank you for reading about me and have a wonderful day!!!
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