At age fifteen, when impatiently crossing an Italian street, Leonidas bounced over a car and was caught with five million dollars. He was charged with a maximum penalty of three years in prison without trial, even though he denied the money was his and claimed insanity. When he got out, he walked outside into freedom and a motorcycle immediately ran over him.  He gasped for air as his blood dirtied the road. Two hours later, he woke up in a hospital, his femur and one arm broken. He decided to file a lawsuit. 

On the day of the trial, the only witness-a policeman-convinced the jury that Leonidas had done it on purpose when the motorcyclist was on his way, as if he had broken his own body just to sue the man. The judge took ten minutes to come out with a final decision, during which he went to the restroom and passed out. When he woke up walked out two hours later, he was considered a "wanted man". His pictures were all over the hallway. Policemen rushed toward him like lions, even though his left leg and right arm were broken, as wounded prey which the lions are gleefully attacking. *(Note: this short biography is not real; do not take it seriously under any circumstance.)

Leonidas Christopher, born December 27, 1992, hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is an active US Marine. He lives his life practicing the adage that life should not be about how it is but about how we can make it. He spent his childhood aloof from his family, spent his time wandering around dangerous and poor zones learning, as he did, about life. He met strangers who later became his friends, and he discovered that they too had their own secrets buried within. As he grew up, his own tragedies were added to the awful memories and stories of his friends. Using these, he hopes now to make a difference for the better in other people’s lives. He has written a number of mystery/suspense books. He also maintains a blog where he posts inspirational and motivational messages.
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