40 years ago I joined this band of crazies here on Earth.  It's taken me this long to find the right kind of courage to make a go of being the writer I've wanted to be since I was 14.  I love to write as I'm sure all of you do.  It is for me one of the purest forms of creativity that I have experienced.  I used to draw a lot when I was younger but felt limited.  I've tried music but found I am not a natural song writer but with writing fiction I feel completely different.  

When we write we are creating worlds. Within these worlds are our characters, the people we have created to live out the journeys and have the adventures we design for them. We are their God as their creator and so we must treat them all with respect despite some of their unfortunate outcomes and demises.

Writing is the escape pod from the mundanity of everyday life and it is the enclosure we retreat to on rainy days. It is our minds unleashed on the page and it is our souls peeking out from the beyond, whispering their secrets, hoping we are listening.

Who am I? A writer, born in America now living in the UK. I am a husband and a father. I work in an office and count the minutes til I leave each day. Not because I dislike my job but because there is a story that needs working on waiting for me there. I have a dozen stories running through my mind at any given time and simply want to get them on the page.

I hope you will join me on this adventure and see how we come out on the other side and if nothing more, I hope to entertain you.
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