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Olá venho convidar você a dar uma olhadinha  lá no meu livro. É o primeiro que estou escrevendo seria muito importante sua opinião seus votos.  Espero de coração que goste. Muito obrigada.


I have been looking for your book like crazy for three freaking years on Wattpad the reason being I lost my old account and lost all of my books ! You have no idea how happy I am to find it again 


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I have read all your books ( Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Player, Beautiful Secret, Sweet Filthy Boy, Dirty Rowdy Thing, Dark Wild Night, Wicked Sexy Liar) in just 4 weeks. I am addicted to your books! You two are just too talented. Fucking Brilliant! I love you guys so much! Keep up the good work!❤❤


I've read wild seasons and beautiful series. The covers are so attractive and the content trapped between them is worth spending time after it. Can you tell me something about the book covers what's it called? In what category do I need to search for them? 

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