People stop creeping on my page! ;)

Personally I love to read, but I'm not a huge writer.

I want to be a book editor when I grow up some more, so if there is something wrong in my stories please tell me so I can learn from it! THANKS!! =D

BOOKS: I love all books... seriously I do

COLORS: PURPLE POWER!! Gunmetal grey!

HOBBIES: Softball, flute, and bass guitar!

WEIRD HABITS: Instead of swearing I tend to use strings of random words, I space out a lot, and get distracted by every little thing. I also have a short temper, but I forget I'm mad easily. I literally can't sit still longer than 5 minutes... I know a lot of people say that; however, I WILL explode if sitting still too long! I have way too much energy! 8^0

THINGS I LOVE: TURTLES, chocolate, ice cream, pillow pets, MUUUUUSIC, snuggies, wearing jackets, YOU (hehehe just kidding), instant patatoes, books.. duh, NINJAS, purple monkeys, laughing cows, pickles (yum!), sharpies, dancing in the rain, Star Wars, PEANUT BUTTER, laughing hysterically at nothing, being random, stating what I'm thinking, staring at the ceiling so that everyone looks up, SILLY PUTTY, oh and of course..... Crazy people!

THINGS I HATE: Spiders.... ugh, self-obsorbed people, walls, morning people who try to 'cheer' me up, patatoes, FAKE people, sidewalks, hairspray, people who bite hard, and doorknobs (they hurt me)!

I'm also in high school but thats not important so forget it!

I feel like I'm on a dating website... It's kinda creepy.

"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison


Oh, I will NOT read your story if it's rated R, raunchy, or about a teacher/student romance (I especially don't like it since it happened at my school!! Cue :S face!) Sorry, but this girl right here has standards! :P

Thanks my peeps!!

P.s. Goldfish have the attention span of 3 seconds!
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