Okay so I thought I'd do this again so ya, haiiiii. I'm Zaynah (if ya haven't read the tab window thingy ma bob). I'm 14, british and anti-social and if you were to meet me in real life I would probably end up not saying anything and just be on my phone so I'm sorry about that. I'm fine talking to people on the interweb cause it doesn't take much effort so if you ever wanna talk to anyone Im hereeeeee. 

S T U F F I L O V E :
TV shows:
The Fosters, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, Sherlock, and more I just can't think of them now :P

Fall Out Boy, The Fray, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, 1D, The Wanted, Lana Del Ray, Katy Perry, Pink, T Swift, Ed Sheeran

Guys ;):
Dan Howell, I'd choose him over Orlando Bloom. He's funny, hot, awkward, basically he's perfect.

Girl Crushes:
Eleanor Calder, Little Mix, Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevigne, Danielle Peazer, Hayley Williams (shes the coolest red head ever), and Angelina Joli.

F R I E N D S (surprising I have some right???)

@hazeleyes23 - shes ma tumblr gurrlll and psychiatrist

@imsoepic - shes ma blondieeee

@sapphirequeen16 - like how can you not like her its kind of like saying Phil Lester isn't the cutest human on the earth

@kinzaisabaws - music buddies for lyfff, if I didn't know her I'd have a crap choice in music. It would be horrible

Ya I don't have many so if you wanna become friends and get a unicorn cupcake please talk to meeehhh.

Anyway I think I've told you enough so byeeeee xxxxxxxx
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ChocolateCupcake12 ChocolateCupcake12 Aug 20, 2013 07:30AM
@IfOurLoveWasASong no problem :)xx
            @samdell100 ohhh thanks :)xx
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