Hey there random person who's somehow come across my account ...

...Now what do I do?
*awkwardly scratches neck*

I'm a person (surprise, surprise)and to put it simply, I'm some crazy girl who can freaking talk for England. And trust me, that's fact that is scientifically proven by everyone who knows me.


♥Kind♥(I hope)
♥Clumsy♥ (MEGA clumsy)
♥Mega Talkative♥
♥July 17th is the day I decided to grace the Earth with my presence♥
♥Blue is freaking the best colour in the WORLD♥
♥Wolves are my favourite animals EVER♥ (love them soo much)
♥Sarcasm is my second language♥
♥Fluent in Harry Potter spells♥
♥Chocolate is BAE♥(Well, not dark chocolate, coz that's disgusting)
♥Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is BEAUTIFUL♥
♥KPOP IS BAE♥ (And my ultimate is Taehyung and can I just..)
♥A proud Gryffindor♥
♥Survived the Flare♥ (but broken over Newt)
♥Belong to Cabin 7♥
♥District 13♥
♥An awesome Shadowhunter♥
♥I'm that basic bitch who absolutely LOVES Justin Foley♥
♥Jughead Jones♥
♥Manchester United♥ (LIFE)
♥Marvel♥(Fuck, Marvel is AWESOME)
♥Unicorns are overrated♥ PHOENIXES EXIST TOO, U KNOW
(Woah, that's a whole loada hearts...♥_♥)

Also, I ship #Drapple SO much, like, darling, DON'T take Draco away from his apple, okay??

Anyway, if I like you ( and I have a tendency to like nice people ) then I like you, that's it. I will be loyal and nice and there'll be no shit, and.. yeah.
Also, I'm a person.
So thx for pressing that follow button and wasting your time stalking my account now....
.... BYE!!!
One other thing: Have a nice life....

"Why is Peter Pan always flying?"
"He Neverlands"
(I like this joke because it never gets old) ;)


"Kill them with success and bury them with a smile"

I just realised how long my bio is. (O_O)
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Guys, 5 more days till Love Yourself Tear releases and holy shit, forget ur wigs, all ur natural hair will be snatched..BE PREPARED, coz I sure as hell know I ain't
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