I started writing here when I was 16. 
I stopped writing for 4 years and now I am back older and wiser. I hope my stories would still be candle lights for the most lost souls, and I wish it to restore your faith in true love.
* My stories are all "True love conquers all" types of stories.
* Also, if you'd like me to read something you wrote, dedicate it to me because I wouldn't forget.
Personally Message me, I love and appreciate all the support.
~ Muffin [ preferably chocolate]
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Chocl8Muffin Chocl8Muffin Feb 15, 2016 05:40PM
Hey guys! I have a favor to ask you! My friends have entered a competition and they need public votes! I shall post the link here, all you have to do is just open the link and click on the facebook l...
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Teach me how to Flirt.

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Description: Zack: heartthrob of Miami with an amazing body and an impressive bank account; but he can't flirt. Ella: Beautiful, wanted, incredibly flirty... And just lost her boyfriend. Zack and Ella agreed on helping eac...

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He was my Smoke,

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She thought he could flirt

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