That is me in my profile picture.  Check out @Lily-Potter's stories she is an amazing writer and vote, comment on her stories. Why not follow her as well? Also Me and @Firat_Caner have a shared account. Go check it out. @ChloeSnapeFiratSnow Also check out @9RedstoneWarrior. She is really nice and her stories are great.

Ok better introduce myself eh??
I have a gf called Maddy go follow her.@Maddy_ Phan
Ok. Well my name is Chloe and I'm 13. 21st November is my birthday.

Favourite youtubers: Markiplier, Tear of Grace, MrRepzion and adoseofbuckley

Favourite books (off of wattpad): Harry Potter series and Adrain Mole series and Stephen King books.

Favourite Bands: Falling in Reverse, Shinedown, Bring me the Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Escape the fate, Three days Grace, Papa Roach, Mcr, Hey Violet, some of 5sos.Music usually changes a lot. Right now I am in love with: Hey Violet- This is why and The Killers- Mr Brightside.

Favourite Anime: SAO and Death Note and Elfen Lied.

Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who , Sherlock, FNAF, Creepypasta(I have a rp account on Quotev), Glee and Game of Thrones(all I can think of right now)

I love fanfictions!
I'm very random!
My favourite fictional characters are: Severus Snape and Tyrion Lannister

Favourite Actor: Alan Rickman (yes I have watched more than just HP with him in.)
Favourite Actress: Emma Watson..

Yeah I think that's all that you really need to know.
Oh btw add me on fb if you have it. Just message me on here first... don't want any suprises.
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Hello omg I wanted to say thank you. I'll post it in my chapters as well. THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!
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