ι ĸnow, one day yoυ'll no longer тнere ғor мe. ι ĸnow yoυ'll нave тo ғace yoυr own lιғe, yoυ wιll вecoмe мoтнer тo yoυr cнιld and a wιғe тo yoυr нυѕвand. and ι wanт тo тнanĸ yoυ, ғor вeιng parт oғ мy lιғe. ι wιll never ғorgeт yoυ all, мy вelιeвerѕ. -jυѕтιn вιeвer❤

I love food... Got a problem then leave!! Hehe I'm Irish, Blackfoot Indian, and German.! Hehe continuing with my celebrity obsessions....

I ALSO LOVE ONE DIRECTION SO MUCH!! I can't even explain how much I ADORE THEM!!!!! Most of the time I just randomly scream One Direction quotes!!!
↬ July 23rd, at 8:22pm, 5 strangers were put together to form a group called One Direction.
577 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes later, they won a Brit award.

One Direction
Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Shawn Mendes
Bruno Mars
Little Mix

Changing Our Lives -@1Dcrazedtwins
Eliza Esme Cullen -@LarLar_Chloe
that's it, for now! (Lol those aren't even active anymore)
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Hey my beautifuls! Anyone even remember me? Probably not! Well, I'm back and would LOVE to write something. Already started a 5SOS/1D in a notebook but what do YOU, yes you and your cute little face, want to see? Lemme know! Love ya babes ∞