Hello...? I feel like I should introduce myself. Hi you can call me Chipeer, Kayleigh, Chip, Frank, anything else as long as I approve of it. 

Now Imma talk more about me

My life is too random which is why I post about it in my 'My Life' book. It's some quality content, I suggest you go read it. I also suggest you ignore my book 'Random "Emo" Shit', it's just not good. Don't ship Ryden. I mean geez if you want to ship Brendon with someone, ship him with either Josh Dun (Brosh) or Dallon Weekes (Brallon). I have more about ships (specifically my OTP) but it's just too special that it will have it's own little section later on.

I feel like earlier I should've said that I was born in Germany, cause I was. See, my dad was in the military so we'd be following him around then BOOM he got deployed (is that the right word) in Germany. BAM we follow him there. Then I was born... WOW GOOD STORY!!! The funny this is I actually am quite German myself. My dad has plenty of German (and Finnish) heritage and my mom is more than half German (my grandma is full German).

I love: foxes, goats, snakes, pretty much all other animals, Studio Ghibli movies, Fruits Basket, singing, drawing (not great at it tho. When I actually try, I can draw animals. People? not so much but still capable of not failing), reading, writing/typing , Nintendo (I should talk about my favorite consoles), and lot's of other stuff that I can't think of. I can also cook a mean shrimp scampi.

Now I'm going to tell you my favorite three Nintendo consoles. I'm in love with the GameCube always have been, Wii, and Switch. GameCube is of course #1 I grew up playing GameCube games like Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Wario Ware, Spyro A Hero's Tale, Shrek Super Slam (lol), and, of course, LoZ Wind Waker. On the Wii I played stuff like one of my two favorite Zelda games of all time, Twilight Princess. I don't think I've ever actually played Majora's Mask on GameCube...

Frerard is life
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