Hey, I just started writing a new fan fic. It’s my first fan fic and I would really appreciate if people would read it. If you have some free time please check it out. 


Hey im writing an ff and i was wondering if you pretty please read mine. I just started making it. It is my first ff ever soo please read it. If not sorry for wasting your time. Oh and i purple you


this message may be offensive
I fucking miss you❤️


Hey author-nim! Just to tell you I LOOOVVVEEEE your fanfic in yt. I'll wait for ep.15 patiently and hope that DON'T LET THAT BITCH LAY A FINGER ON JIMIN. Love you~ <3


Plssss an ep 15!!! Okey im gonna be honest i watched the other eps in the yt when i got impation and looked at the coments someone gave a spoiler and made me angry so i tried searching up for your acc and found it and click the no.14 and there is when my emotions take over again and  that emotion has been dying to know ep. 15 plssss  im literally crying right now  plssssss im not trying to pressure you but that like came out wrong i just really cant control myself i know this is longgggg and i appreciate if your reading tgis cause i never get noticed by any youtuber and stufffff ... So as soon your okey with it can i get a litttttle tiny bit sneak peek or maybe you realing ep.15? thank youu for reading