When you see or hear something . . . say unusual you'd call it creepy or just unusual wouldn't you? If you do can you tell me why? This my be just me but I'd call it . . . unique!

Your answer may be it's just creepy or it's just unusual . . .

Negatory! It's because the Sane are so use to the expected, but the unexpected is so used to the Insane. For example, (ANIME REFERENCE) to normal people a exceed is supposed to be like Happy. A flying, talking, easy to to get along with (most of the time) cat. While if Cheshire were to be an exceed, who have no need for wings and can vanish from the human eye and appear anywhere any place or time just to act as my so called guardian and who can take the form of any person to whom Ches pleases, is strange or creepy as you say? Right? Or am I insane to think this? Hehehe of course I'm insane but I'm right. We live in a world that different/change is the biggest enemy of all time. We're so blinded by what we believe to be good that we can't see the true meaning of evil, Normal or Strange, Sane or Insane, Up or Down, truly Right or Wrong.

Now if you don't get it you can always just call my crazy but I prefer the term MAD!!!

So if you don't get it don't over think it because if you fall depth of Madness, well trust me . . . That's not a place 'Sane' people shouldn't roam.

AnYwAy If YoU WaNt To KnOw WhErE I GoT ThAt FrOm And EdItEd It I GoT It FrOm An AmAzInG BoOk MaDe By An AwEsOmE AuThOr!!!!!!!! ThEy ArE CaLlLlLlLlLlLlLlEd ::::


ThE BoOk Is CaLlEd :

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