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1) Hermion Tam
Hello. You may have known me if you've seen these two
accounts, @THGEverlark and @Just_dreamlove.
This is a account by me and my bff, Cheryl Wu.
"Say hello Cheryl." I yell at her. :)))

2)Cheryl Wu
"Yeah yeah whatever..." I yell back.
Hi, I am Cheryl.
We are going to write stories together. :)
Or stories of our own.

We will update Sherlia's Unknown Life, (or something. XD)
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Story by Cherylchermion
雪莉爾的身世之謎 by Cherylchermion
雪莉爾的身世之謎 #38 in General Fiction
雪莉爾是個孤兒,在她滿月大時因車禍導致父母雙亡,並由一位婦人扶養... 一天,她竟被挑選為皇室學院的免費入學候選人,並且住進學院,也開啟了雪莉爾的身世之謎, 才剛入學就被譽為公主的她,讓其他公主.王子.皇室淑女以及皇室紳士們驚訝不已, 因為像她這種免費入學的人必須要成績非常亮眼,也得都得到皇家老師們的肯定, 才有可能被譽為公主,但雪莉爾才剛入學就被譽為公主, 對公主.王子.皇室淑女以及皇室紳士們來說實在太奇怪了, 難道是學院...
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