With a boring life outside of school, I'm another Internet nobody with a little something on my mind. To which the something turns to an idea, and I cleverly turn that idea into a story which I put out there for everyone. Like it? Cool.

About me? I like anything computers. Except math. Math on computers (unless the computer is doing the math for me) I hate. I love the shows Doctor Who and The Vampire Diaries. If you asked me what my favorite band is, it'd be different everytime you ask. All I can say is that I love alternative music. I could marry food, and I have an obsession with peanut butter and chocolate. Could there be a more heavenly combination?

I'm bored most of the time, and I'm sure I'm boring you. So that's all :)
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The Dream Infliction [HIATUS]

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Description: Trying to discover the reason for her strange name, 27 enters a dreamworld on her 17th birthday and her entire world is turned upside down. Upon her first dream, she experiences a different universe in which 27 is the most important element in the w...

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Second Chances [Doctor Who Fanfic]

Second Chances [Doctor Who Fanfic]

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The Tenth Doctor has a new companion who's willing to risk everything to take him back to his old compan...

The Dare

The Dare

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When Rose Levie finds her life hanging by a thread, she stumbles on a secret, yet prestigious school for...

Hi, I'm Rae and I just finished reading ur short story 'second chances' and thought it was amazing and heart warming. For my first 'book' I was going to write about the human doctor and rose...could I possible clash it with urs? Ending it were he dies or something?? (It's ok if u say no :) )