I'm a Guy of Gisborne fan and a hopeless romantic. My favorite book is Jane Eyre. (Don't get me going on it. I might not stop) I'm a movie nerd. Heck, I'm just a nerd in general, but I'm not ashamed of it. Writing is my passion, but I also love gardening and the outdoors. I enjoy a quiet life in the country.

"The Tempest" was self-published in 2010, to more success than I expected, and it continued with "My Lady Gisborne" in 2011.

Looking for the old version of "The Tempest?" Here's the link...


Now, I'm happy to announce the release of "The Baron's Lady" on Kindle, Nook, and other EBook formats. I would love to have reviews!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a line!
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The Grace Emancipation

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Description: Grace is nineteen. She is bold, intelligent...and unmarried. In the eyes of her family and her mountain born neighbors, she is hopelessly willful. But she is determined to forge her own path, come what may. When her parents try to force her hand in...

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The Tempest Revisited

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Hi Charlotte, 
      I'm finally reading this story, The Tempest, Revisited.I didn't want to read it before as I was writing my own stories and didn't want to be influened by yours. I am truly enjoying it. I bought My Lady Gisborne for my Kindle, but wanted to read this first. I love it. Thank you for writing the revision.
      Your friend on FB and Wattpad follower,
(Copied from my recent blog post)
      The first half of 2015 has been a roller-coaster ride, and that's only a slight exaggeration. Between the death of my mother, my move to a new place, and my crazy work schedule, writing has been put on the back-burner. But the chaos of recent months seems to be dwindling. 
      Which brings me to a few announcements...
      Starting in August, (If all goes as planned) you will see a lot more of me and the Muse. My original story, "The Grace Emancipation," will be getting back on track. I know it's not a Gisborne story, but it has a very strong fan-base created by those who read the original edition, which was first published in 2008.  I have a really good feeling about the success of this book when it comes out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
      Gisborne fans, if you're still out there, I plan to get back to "Rebel Mine." BUT, I'm also planning on an anthology of the series! I know I mentioned starting this project last year, but obviously, nothing went as planned. Unless something happens, you should see the anthology around Christmas. Not only will it combine all the books in the series so far, but I'm planning on adding some bonus material throughout. If you're a fan of this series, I think you'll be very pleased. At least I hope so.
      I 'm also hoping that I can get this anthology published in a hardcover edition. If it happens, I intend to give out a few copies as gifts. I want to do this as a way to say thank you to everyone. Some of my readers have been with me for years, and I can't put into words how much your support means to me.  I'm starting an exclusive list of friends who will receive a copy. Are you wondering if you made the list? Are you hoping to be on it? If so, just send me a message.
      I'm hoping to improve my blog as well. I haven't dedicated much time to it, and I know it needs some work. I'll do my best.
      So that's all my news in a nutshell! (A very big nutshell, actually. LOL) 
      Much love to everyone!
No apologies necessary. Look after yourself and the rest will fall into place. You will know when the time is right.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.